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HIV Care & Treatment Support

We are proud to offer transitional HIV care at the Toronto clinic location. If you are newly diagnosed and need to start treatment OR are a newcomer living with HIV needing care we’re here to help.

New to Canada?
We offer:

Just found out about your HIV status?
We offer:

Flexible care to meet your needs.

Reduced Barriers

No health card required. No charge for this service.

Language Support

Members of our team can offer translation services during your appointment in: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Tamil, Mandarin, Farsi, Hindi, and Gujarati. We also can connect you with translation services in 100+ other languages, including ASL.

Flexible Contact Options

Call or Text at 416-420-1250 | Email: | Also available via WhatsApp (416-420-1250)

Please be advised we do not provide ongoing HIV
treatment management. 

Our transitional service is designed to temporarily assist in accessing care and medication and we will provide a referral for ongoing care afterwards when you obtain a health card or are connected with an ongoing specialist. 

Common Questions about HIV Care

A healthcard or insurance is not needed for this service. We also do not charge anything for the clinic visit.

We book appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Toronto and usually can get you in the same week. 

Yes! If you will require lab work (eg. viral load testing etc.) the Nurse Practitioner during your assessment will order it. We offer on-site lab testing and will complete it during the same visit. We also have an on-site pharmacy and will provide you with medication at the same time.

Yes! Many HIV treatment medications have manufacturer programs to fully cover the cost. This is temporary and once you do acquire a health card or coverage you would transitioned over. Our team of experienced HIV pharmacists are here to help you with this and also answer any other questions or concerns about the medication you may have. (Note: your regimen may need to be switched to a drug regimen that is fully covered)

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