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Organizations and initiatives that are here to support you.

Information on HIV


This is Canada’s source for up-to-date and evidence-based information on HIV (and Hepatitis C) in Canada. They include info on prevention, treatment, and healthy living. Most recently this organization launched their educational and stigma-busting campaign of “Can’t Pass It On”.

Sexual Health Infoline Ontario & eChat

Speak to a live free counsellor and available in a variety of languages.

Prevention Access Campaign

Leaders of the U=U message. Learn more about the stigma-busting science behind undetectable=untransmittable and more on their website.

Legal Support

HALCO – HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario:

This organization offers free legal services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario and provide education workshops. Their website includes a wealth of information including several publications.

Local Community Services

In addition to education on sexual health and access, the site includes a list of local organizations all across Ontario. These are excellent resources that may be in your region.

National Organizations


The following link for Catie lists several Canada-wide organizations including research, activism, and diverse support programs.

Women & HIV/AIDS Intitiave (WHAI)

Ontario-based service providing information, resources, and connecting women to HIV services.

Safer Space Training

The Gilbert Center

The organization providing HIV/AIDS support to Simcoe County. They also offer a Safer Spaces program for businesses and organizations looking to support diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. They offer this training opportunity across Ontario.