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Just before it is time to refill, you will get lab work again and have another check-in with us before shipping

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Can I trust getting my PrEP medication online?

The PrEP Clinic is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This is the accrediting body for pharmacy in Ontario and our team includes licensed Ontario pharmacists and licensed regulated pharmacy technicians. You can visit to verify any pharmacy. The medication we dispense is supplied by a leading Canadian drug manufacturer.

If you do not see a pharmacy accreditation number on a website, chances are it is not a licensed Ontario pharmacy. Our pharmacists include national leaders in PrEP care and ensure you get all of the right information & support you need.

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We’ve created a resource page for you called All About PrEP.  

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Don't forget the swabs!

Swab tests are essential while on PrEP. Learn about these important tests and how we include them in routine testing.

What's the difference between Descovy and Truvada?

Learn about the different types of prep and your options for how you take it.

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Sexual Health Vaccines

We ensure our patients are offered free sexual health vaccines to help protect against HEP A, B, and HPV.

The PrEP Clinic Nurse Practitioner administering free sexual health vaccines to a PrEP patient.

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Most patients pay $0

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