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Over 90% of The PrEP Clinic patients pay $0 for their PrEP medication. Start saving on your PrEP costs in Ontario with our exclusive PrEPSaver program

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It’s simple. Our Patient Care Specialists go above and beyond to find savings solutions for our patients. This is done through connecting you with private coverage, provincial programs, and unique patient support programs. 


of Ontarians with health cards earning under $50,000/year pay $0.


of university and college students with full or partial insurance coverage pay $0.


of people new to PrEP get 3 months free with PrEPStart.


of all other patients pay $0-$110 per month. (Most people with private insurance pay $0 as well.)

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The PrEP Clinic is also a specialty pharmacy and you are welcome to just use our pharmacy side for PrEP and HIV medications, with free discreet shipping across Ontario. 


Ask your healthcare provider to fax your prescription to us at 416-961-1250 or fill out the form at the button below.

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How much does PrEP cost in Ontario?

The cost of PrEP in Ontario can range from $0 to $110/month, based on income and whether you have private or public coverage.
There are a number of drug coverage options available in ontario, including public coverage through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. Contact us if you are having trouble paying for your medications or understanding your insurance coverage options.

PrEP is currently covered for many by the public Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB) and through private plans. For anyone new to PrEP without coverage the first 3 months are free through the PrEPStart program.

The following people automatically have PrEP fully covered through public programs:

  • For anyone under 25 with an Ontario health card and no private insurance (OHIP+)
  • Seniors over 65 with an Ontario health card
  • If you are on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) or OW (Ontario Works)
  • Veterans, or Armed Forces
  • If you are First Nations or Inuit and have coverage through NHIB


Other Coverage Options

In addition, most workplace and school insurance plans provide some coverage for PrEP costs in Ontario. Some plans require a special authorization form which we can assist with.

If you are without coverage or need additional support, the Ontario government has a free program called Trillium that anyone with an Ontario health card can apply to and helps with the price of PrEP.

100% of people with an Ontario health card making under $50,000 per year pay $0 for PrEP through PrEPSaver. Program form submission and registration is required.

For anyone under 25 years old and without private insurance, PrEP is covered by the OHIP+ program.  You do not need to enroll to be eligible – all you need is an OHIP card and a prescription.

To get started on PrEP with The PrEP Clinic call or text us at 888-795-7911 or book online.

After the first 3 free months, the cost of PrEP for an individual without a healthcard or any coverage is $110/month with our clinic’s support program.

If you are without private insurance and are currently paying out of pocket, please contact us directly to help determine if we can connect you to coverage.

Even if you have some drug coverage, if you’re still paying anything out of pocket there may be additional options. It’s possible your pharmacy may not have connected you to all coverage support options available to you. Different pharmacies can also have different mark-ups and dispensing fees. All these things can make the difference between having a co-pay and potentially paying $0 for PrEP.

The PrEP Clinic is also a specialty pharmacy and you are welcome just to use our pharmacy services. To transfer to us have your healthcare provider fax your prescription to 416-961-1250.

Have questions? We are super accessible Mon-Sat through phone, text, or email. If you are in the Toronto area you can also stop by our 344 Bloor St West location. We also offer free discreet shipping across Ontario.

We are an HIV speciality pharmacy with a lot of experience in this specific field. It’s what we do! We primarily only dispense HIV treatment and PrEP medication. Many patients who have switched to our services have benefitted.

In 2024, it is very important to be careful. Some online services may advertise PrEP, but it is important to be sure to know where the medication is coming from. We operate a community pharmacy in Toronto, ON that is open to the public.

The PrEP Clinic / Ontario Prevention Clinic +pharmacy is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This is the accrediting body for pharmacy in Ontario and our team includes licensed Ontario pharmacists and licensed regulated pharmacy technicians. You can visit to verify any pharmacy. The medication we dispense is supplied by a leading Canadian drug manufacturer.

If you do not see a pharmacy accreditation number on a website, chances are it is not a licensed Ontario pharmacy. Our pharmacists include national leaders in PrEP care and ensure you get all of the right information & support you need. 

Prescriptions that do good.

We are strong believers in community investment and since opening have given back over $100,000 to HIV/AIDS organization across the province. 

We currently do not receive any government funding and are proud to also reinvest into our sexual health testing services, on-site walk-in sexual health clinics, mental wellness counselling, and condom/naloxone shipping program.

As the only Ontario-owned and operated province-wide service we are proud to provide jobs locally – where everyone on our team receives a Living Wage. We are also committed to providing an inclusive space and are the only online service that is LGBTQ+ owned and operated.

The PrEP Clinic team proudly gathers to support HIV prevention and treatment at a fundraising event.
Drew, members of the team and friends at a fundraising event for HIV organizations.