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Injectable PrEP has been approved &
will be available in the next few weeks.

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Injectable PrEP

Ontario's largest PrEP team is ready and will be prescribing the medication

PrEP injection Stations:

PrEP injection services will be available at all The PrEP Clinic locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Injectable PrEP, using long-acting cabotegravir, prevents HIV infection with bi-monthly injections instead of needing oral medication.

It is administered as a single injection into the gluteal (buttocks) region, then again in a month, then every 2 months. Our in-person clinics in Toronto, Brampton, Ottawa will be offering injection services by our nursing team. 

The manufacturer is currently in the process of getting private insurance plans to add the medication to their list of coverage. This will be a process over time – and some drug plans will cover sooner than others. Some may not end up covering it and some plans may require a special authorization form. 
You can check with your insurance by providing them with the Drug Identification Number: 02547473
The team can also check your coverage through email, text or calling us.
Injectable PrEP may or may not get coverage through the Ontario Drug Benefit program (eg. OHIP+, Trillium, Disability, Ontario Works, etc.). If and when it does our team will keep you posted. This will likely take several months or longer for an update. 
The injection option is not part of our PrEPSaver Program
  • Do not want to take pills, or has difficulty remembering taking pills
  • Open to more frequent routine PrEP lab testing (50% more)
  • Tend to come for lab work perfectly on time when due and refill on schedule
  • Comfortable receiving an injection at the gluteal (buttocks) site (similar feeling to a syphilis treatment injection)
  • Has private insurance with 100% coverage for the medication
  • Does not want more frequent lab testing
  • Prefers daily pills over routine gluteal injections
  • Lacks full or consistent private insurance coverage
  • Sometimes late for lab work or needs bridging supplies
  • Prefers flexibility in stopping, starting, or switching between daily and on-demand use
  • Has concerns around PrEP effectiveness and like knowing they are taking something daily
  • Injection site reactions (pain, redness, swelling)
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain 

Injectable PrEP is highly effective in preventing HIV infection.

For injectable PrEP, you need to receive an injection every two months (bimonthly). If an injection is missed pills may be used. An action plan detailing this will be provided to you by the clinic in the event of missed injections. 

Yes, they are still an option and the  majority of people will continue on what works best for them.

But you can switch from oral PrEP to injectable PrEP. Discuss with your Nurse Practitioner on the team to determine the best transition plan and ensure continuous HIV protection.

Coming very soon to The PrEP Clinic. Sign up to be notified when Injectable PrEP is available. Our Toronto location offers daytime, evening, and weekend hours – including by appointment and some walk-in hours. 

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