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Full-service walk-in and by appointment hours for PrEP services, including labwork & STI treatment.

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What happens at an in-person PrEP clinic appointment?


PrEP Assessment

Meet with a Nurse Practitioner in person at your appointment for a quick PrEP Assessment.

Labwork & Vaccines

Labwork will be done during the same visit If you want to start PrEP right away we will include a rapid HIV test too. When results come in you will also be offered free sexual health vaccines.

Chat with Pharmacist

We will talk about your medication, answer your questions and help you save with PrEPSaver, too.

Ship It or Pick It Up

Once your lab results come in, your medication can be shipped to your door or you can come pick it up. Refills are easy too. Or if doing rapid start, you would get medication the same visit and we would follow-up on the remaining lab results.
Our Locations


Toronto Clinic

803-180 Bloor St W

(Bloor & Queen's Park)

Toronto Appointment Hours
Toronto Walk-In Hours

TORONTO services are available to people accessing PrEP or HIV treatment care only.

Brampton Clinic

7700 Hurontario Street

(inside “The Community Door”)

Brampton Appointment Hours

Walk-in not available

Ottawa Clinic

19 Main St.

(ACO Building)

Ottawa Appointment Hours
  • Monday 3:30pm - 8:30pm

    General Nursing Services Only 3:30pm-5:30pm

  • Wednesday 4:30pm - 8:30pm

    General Nursing Services Only 4:30pm-5:30pm

PrEP With Us

Most pay $0 With PrEPSaver

* The Injectable PrEP option is not part of our PrEPSaver Program. 

Not sure if PrEP
is right for you?

Health is very personal and we feel it’s important to provide information to help you make a well-informed decision about PrEP. If you will ever have a possible exposure to HIV it is something to consider – especially if not always 100% sure of a sexual partner’s status.

No Health Card Needed.

To book an in-person PrEP appointment, call or text us today

Phone and Text Line Runs Monday-Thursday (10am til 9pm), Friday (11am-7pm) & Saturday (11am-3pm)

On-site PrEP lab testing

STI treatment

Sexual Health Vaccines

In-Person Assessments

Who do we provide care to?

Our clinic provides services to our current patients on PrEP, those starting HIV prevention medication with us, or accessing HIV treatment services with our clinic. This includes people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We are accepting new PrEP patients. No referral needed. 

We do not provide services outside of PrEP or HIV treatment care at our Toronto-specific location.

The FASTEST Way to Start PrEP!
Medication During Your First Visit.

We are now offering rapid start at all in-person locations. Get assessed, labwork and medication all in one place during your first visit. 

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The PrEP Clinic Nurse Practitioner administering free sexual health vaccines to a PrEP patient.

Toronto • Ottawa • Brampton

In-Person Services

Home to Ontario’s only walk-in full-service PrEP clinic.

Walk-In Hours

By-Appointment Hours (Toronto only)

Frequently Asked Questions​

The PrEP Clinic does not charge for in-person services including PrEP assessments and lab work. This includes for people without a health card. We do not charge any fees for any PrEP labwork. Our pharmacy proudly gives back and fully sponsors this service. 

There is no booking for walk-in services at The PrEP Clinic so you can come on the days/times it is offered in Toronto. For our by-appointment spots in Toronto we usually can get you in within a day or two, sometimes same day. Brampton and Ottawa locations run once a week and spots can fill up a bit quicker. 

Our in-person services are in safe and discreet spaces that are warm and inviting. You can trust our team to be efficient and highly knowledgeable on PrEP and sexual health. Since opening in 2019 we have helped with the care of thousands of Ontarians in-person. 

We do! No more running around to find a clinic that offers these treatment options. You can also avoid less effective pill options with us. 

You are welcome to use whatever name you would like to provide during your PrEP appointment.

Patients in our PrEP roster can benefit from free Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and HPV vaccines. With no age restrictions for adults. 

More information on this and eligibility is available here:

You will be able to complete all of the required lab work for PrEP on-site during your clinic visit at the same time. We provide full-service PrEP care and you will not need to go find another lab. Get lab work done in a comfortable inclusive space with us! 

Yes! We’re here for our PrEP patients to support your entire sexual health. You are welcome to come in for testing in between or if you have a sexual health concern.

Our lab testing includes throat and rectal swabs for gonorrhea and chlamydia screening. (We also offer this for our online patients too!)

Yes! If coming in for repeat testing you can pick-up your medication refill at the same time at our Toronto and Brampton locations. It’s super convenient and easy.

Absolutely! Get the best of both worlds. Online for convenience and in-person when you need us.

Once on PrEP, you should be tested every 3 months for HIV.  We can also test you for other STIs at this time. Our patients are welcome to come in for earlier testing and assessments in between their PrEP labwork too!

What's the difference between Descovy and Truvada?

Learn about the different types of PrEP and your options for how you take it.

Pharmacist Kishan discussing PrEP medication

Sexual Health Vaccines

We ensure our patients are offered free sexual health vaccines to help protect against HEP A, B, and HPV.

Free Sexual Health Vaccines