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We are Ontario’s HIV treatment and prevention experts. We provide improved PrEP access to all Ontarians through our combined online clinic and pharmacy. In addition to PrEP, we also help with managing HIV treatment medications and offer free convenient shipping across Canada.

Our clinic connects you to a FREE online PrEP prescribing service, provides increased discretion, FREE shipping, and offers 7 day a week access to a pharmacist. We also have an on-site clinic in Toronto, ON.

Both HIV treatment and PrEP are important in supporting HIV prevention. Individuals living with HIV who are on effective treatment and become undetectable can not transmit the virus sexually to a partner. To learn more about undetectable=untransmittable (U=U) check out our HIV Treatment Hub.

We are proud to now also offer FREE online sexual health counsellors and mental health counsellors. Appointments can be booked by anyone through our app “The PrEP Clinic”. We now host an on-site sexual health clinic Mondays 6PM-9PM at our Toronto location.

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What is Prep?

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and is a prescription medication typically taken daily to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. If taken consistently, it can reduce the risk from unprotected sex by up to 99%. Click here to learn more about PrEP.

What is Pep?

PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis and is a prescription medication regimen taken after a high risk exposure to HIV (eg. condom breaks, sexual assault, unknown partner status). It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible as PEP needs to be taken within 72 hours of exposure – the sooner the better. You should go to your nearest emergency room.


Book an appointment with a FREE online prescriber

They’ll chat with you through our app or your web browser and order lab work.

Once your results come back we will send out your medication via FREE shipping

Just before it is time to refill you will get lab work again and have another quick chat with us before shipping.

I Already Have a Script!

If you already have a prescription for PrEP or HIV treatment, your doctor can fax the prescription to us. We can chat with you and discuss any questions or requests you may have before shipping your medication to you.

If you currently go to another pharmacy switching to us is fast, free, and easy. Just let us know where you currently go and we can take care of the rest. If your pharmacy doesn’t usually have your medication in-stock we do!

We can remind you when your refills are coming up so you don’t miss a dose. If you would like us to automatically fill your medication when due and ship it out let us know!

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The PrEP Clinic was started by pharmacist-owner Andrew (Drew) Schonbe. While operating pharmacies in central Ontario and hosting a PrEP clinic there, he realized many faced a lack of access to sexual health services. Drew wanted to help more people and break down barriers to access for everyone across the province – and The PrEP Clinic was born! Drew is a nationally recognized HIV pharmacist experienced in addiction, sexual health, and LGBTQ2+ health. Learn more about him here!

While we are proud to be an LGBTQ2+ inclusive space, HIV can affect anyone and all are welcome at our clinic and pharmacy. We are happy to accommodate requests you may have to make for the most comfortable experience.

We are all about ACCESS! This includes access to information and resources and are proud to share this all publicly on our website. We can be reached via our app, email, phone, text, or on-site at our Toronto, ON location. Whether you have a question about a drug interaction or need a recommendation – you can speak with a pharmacist 7 days a week!

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