We are Giving Back for the Holidays!

$50 to the HIV organization of your choice.

We will be donating $50 for each patient of ours to the HIV organization they select. Current patients can complete the form below to choose where our donations should go!

    Pharmacist Drew and Achilles

    Your Support Means a Lot

    Since opening over one year ago, The PrEP Clinic has prided itself supporting #PeopleOverProfits

    In addition to ongoing community support, we reinvest into:

    • Running our province-wide testing services
    • Operating our walk-in sexual health clinic & treatment services
    • Providing free mental wellness counselling services
    • Free shipment of condoms, lube, and naloxone across Ontario
    • Providing compassionate supplies of vaccinations and medications
    • Supporting medication affordability through internal support programs

    Donations will be made by Jan 15/2021