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Opioids and Naloxone 101

Opioids are a class of powerful drugs that can be accessed through prescription or recreationally on the street. They are usually prescribed to treat severe pain.

Some examples of opioids include codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and fentanyl. Heroin is also an opioid.

Typically, opioids cause symptoms like drowsiness and constipation. However, with abuse some people may experience a relaxed feeling or a high.

Opioids are sometimes found in things people would not anticipate them to be in. If someone takes a pill from the street or at a party, it is possible the contents may be laced with opioids without realizing. 

There are highly potent opioids out there such as fentanyl and carfentanyl. A single dose can be fatal even if taking opioids regularly. Even with less potent opioids, if someone is newer to opioids and has not built up a gradual tolerance this can also be fatal.

Some individuals who are taking opioids prescribed by their doctor may potentially mix the medication with other things that may sedate them which can also increase the risk. For example, combining with sleeping pills or some allergy medications.

Opioids act on receptors in our brain that affect our perception of pain. However, they also can act on our brain to affect our respiratory system. In the case of an overdose, the effect can be so strong the person stops breathing.

Naloxone works by competing with the opioid for the receptors in our brain that can affect breathing. This effect is temporary, so it is important to always call 9-1-1 before giving someone naloxone.

Naloxone is available as either an injection or a nasal spray. We typically give out the nasal spray (but we do have the injection ones as well if requested).

The kit will include two single-use nasal sprays, a pair of gloves, a face shield, instructions, and proof of training card.

Naloxone is designed to use to save someone from an overdose. If you know anyone who may be at risk or want to have one on hand in your community it is highly recommended to get one.

Many local pharmacies carry naloxone kits. However, if you are unable to get to a pharmacy or would prefer to have one shipped to you, we can send you one. Shipping is free and training is quick over the phone. You do not need a health card.

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