Pharmacy Services

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On-Site Sexual Health Clinic

Monday’s from 6pm-9pm we offer free testing (on-site lab collection) and free treatment for many sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Don’t live near our location? We can also send lab requisition forms to any lab in Ontario for you to complete.

Online & On-Site Consultations

Speak with a pharmacist one-on-one through our app appointments or visit us on-site at our Toronto location. We are also available through text, phone, or email. Our Toronto site is wheelchair accessible and located right off of two major subway lines (at Spadina station). If you will require any accommodations to maximize your care please let us know. Private after-hours appointments are also available at our pharmacy location to support additional privacy. Whether you want to discuss drug interactions, drug coverage, or new research we’re here for you.

PrEP Clinic

We are proud to improve PrEP access for all Ontarians. If you would like to start PrEP our pharmacy can connect you with online prescribers through The PrEP Clinic App. The pharmacy provides ongoing support including resources, refill reminders, and free shipping. For more information on PrEP check out “All About PrEP“. No doctor? No problem!

Travel Health Clinic (COMING SOON!)

Traveling soon? Be prepared with The Travel Clinic! We can connect you with experts in travel health who can prescribe required vaccin

es and additional medications for your trip. Depending on where you travel to there might be restrictions in entering the country unless you

have specific vaccinations. Some regions also have resistance to certain medications but the travel health experts can find the best options for you. It is always ideal to seek out the clinic far ahead of your trip. There is a fee for this service.

Shipping Services

We offer free shipping across Canada for PrEP, PEP, and HIV treatment medications to your home or work. If you are on additional medications these can be included in your shipment. Shipping is sent per the guidelines set by the Ontario College of Pharmacists including tracking and signature requirements.

If you are seeking additional discretion we can reach out to local organizations in your area to ship your medication to for pick-up. (Please note: Items that are shipped to an individuals home can be signed for by anyone at that address.) Packages do not indicate on the outside our pharmacy name and/or what is in the package. We ship with recyclable materials. Please be advised once medication has left a pharmacy in Ontario it can not be returned according to provincial regulations.

Injection & Vaccine Services

We offer injection services at our pharmacy location including seasonal flu vaccines, shingles, HPV, pneumonia, Hepatitis A/B, and travel vaccines. We also offer injection services for several hormones (we will require a direct order from your doctor to authorize this). There is no additional fee for the injection service itself.

Quit Smoking Clinic

Looking to quit smoking? We can work with you on a treatment plan that can include over the counter or prescription options. You can also check out Smokers Helpline by visiting

Coverage Support

We can help you navigate available drug coverage options. Visit our coverage support section for more information about ways we help make medication access more affordable and programs available in Ontario.

Addiction Services

Be a lifesaver and get your free (government covered) naloxone kit! This can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. Learn more about naloxone and this program here:

If you are currently receiving opioid agonist treatment such as methadone or buprenorphine you can get this dispensed on-site at our Toronto location. At the moment we are just available for individuals with “carries” at this time as the physical site is not open to the public 7 days a week. Private after-hours appointments are also available, including late-night.

For additional resources on addiction and mental health check out our Mental Health section.

More Services Coming Soon

We will soon be launching several exciting new initiatives related to sexual health testing and education. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!

On-Site Pharmacy Open Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 3pm-10pm
Walk-in Sexual Health Clinic:
Mon 6pm-9pm
After-Hours Private Appointments Available On-Site