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What is The PrEP Clinic?

We are Ontario’s original trusted service for PrEP and HIV care.

Three years ago we launched the country’s first-ever online PrEP service, a collaboration between our clinic and pharmacy. 

We later expanded to offer in-person care at our full-service sexual health clinics in Toronto, Brampton, and Ottawa.

Over 5,000 Ontarians

Since launching the province's first online service in 2019, we have provided care to over 5,000 Ontarians.

We are all about community! Since opening we have given back over $60,000 to HIV/AIDS organizations across the province. We are also proud to reinvest to provide free sexual health services at our in-person clinic locations. 

HIV Pharmacist Drew Schonbe for The PrEP Clinic by Ontario Prevention Clinic

Drew Schonbe

aka Pharmacist Drew • He/Him

RPh, AAHIVP, Certified HIV Pharmacist & Clinic Founder

Pharmacist Drew is a certified HIV Pharmacist and completed his pharmacy education at The University of Toronto. Before launching The PrEP Clinic, he was the pharmacist-owner of central Ontario’s only Safer Space and LGBTQ+ focused pharmacy. He currently teaches at Georgian College educating future healthcare professionals on empathy, sexual health, and fighting HIV stigma.

While Drew’s prior pharmacy provided a weekly PrEP Clinic, he would get calls from all over Ontario wanting the service. This led him to want to break down barriers and provide a consistent high-quality service that anyone could access no matter where they lived in Ontario. In 2019, he launched The PrEP Clinic – Canada’s first online-based PrEP service – and the rest is history. He is proud to have expanded access and care to more people than before in this innovative and effective way.

Pharmacist Drew regularly presents to other healthcare professionals across Canada on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in healthcare practice and on encouraging PrEP and HIV care uptake. He previously was the recipient of a Canada-wide pharmacy award for his role in supporting patient sexual health. 

In 2020 he co-authored a national guide for pharmacists on PrEP and PEP. Many pharmacists currently working in PrEP care have been educated on PrEP because of Drew, including other online PrEP service providers.

He is a firm believer education should be universal and no one should be left out of the conversation when it comes to HIV. Drew is passionate on fighting stigma, especially on spreading the U=U message.

Drew is the proud dog dad to Achilles (who also works with us) and guncle to Evan, Maya, and Sadie.

Clinical Team

The Ontario Prevention Clinic is proud to collaborate with the clinical team from Equality Access Care.


Andrew Peltier

Nurse Practitioner

Andrew completed his Nurse Practitioner studies at Ryerson University. He has experience in hospital and community practice and currently works in the HIV department at an Ontario hospital. He has provided PrEP and sexual health care to thousands of patients. 

Andrew has a special interest in gay men’s health and is proud to be part of a welcoming sex positive space in the province. In addition to online appointments Andrew is on-site to provide care at our in-person Toronto location sexual health clinic. Through this he has helped hundreds of patients with in-person testing and treatment, continuing to provide care when many sexual health clinics are unable to during COVID.

Andrew believes empathy, respect, and understanding are crucial in caring for patients and is proud to be part of a team that lives by this.


Linh Dieu

Nurse Practitioner

Linh completed her Nurse Practitioner studies at the University of Guelph and Nursing Degree at the University of Toronto. She has a decade of experience working in the emergency room on the front lines and has provided PrEP care to hundreds of patients. She provides care in English & Cantonese.

Linh strongly believes in harm reduction and fighting stigma related to sexual health and recreational drug use. One of her favourite programs with the clinic is our free naloxone shipping program that educates a wider audience on this life-saving kit while improving access across the province.

In addition to online appointments Linh is on-site to provide care at our in-person Toronto location sexual health clinic. When she takes a break from caring for patients she loves to go out and surf!

Chris Yu

Nurse Practitioner

Chris completed his Nurse Practitioner studies at the University of Toronto, with a specialization in resuscitation sciences and his background is in emergency nursing.
Chris is passionate about increasing accessibility to care for marginalized communities and has a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to working with the Ontario Prevention Clinic, Chris works on the acute pain service team at a downtown hospital.

He is proud to part of a team that does #PrEPDoneRight ensuring that quality care is the top priority. You can see Chris at our walk-in sexual health clinic in Toronto and during online appointments. 

Veronica Segbedzie

Nurse Practitioner

Veronica completed her Nurse Practitioner studies at Lakehead University and her Nursing Degree at York University. She specializes in Primary Health Care, Community Health and Critical Care. 
She has more than a decade working in remote, rural and urban centers in Canada and internationally. Veronica has a special interest in patient advocacy and health equity and is currently completing her PhD at University of Alberta in Nursing with a focus in Health Equity. Her research interest is in improving access to primary health services by vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Outside of patient care, Veronica loves spending time exploring the outdoors with her little one.

Luc Cormier

Nurse Practitioner

Luc completed the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner program at University of Ottawa and has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing (CNO Number). He is fluent in French and provides bilingual services. 

His clinical work has largely centered on harm reduction, mental health, addictions, homelessness, sexual health, and HIV care. During this time, he played an active role in implementing a rapid access addiction medicine clinic as well as supervised injections services within a community health centre in downtown Ottawa. Luc provides care at our in-person Ottawa sexual health clinic and online.

As a firm believer in harm reduction, Luc believes it is important to increase access to a wide variety of proven HIV prevention strategies such as PrEP, and to provide evidence-based information to help individuals make informed decisions and gain greater control over their health and wellbeing. 

When he’s not breaking down barriers to care he enjoys performing in plays and musical theatre. Luc is a proud dog dad to Huxley.

Matthew Canning

Nurse Practitioner

Matthew completed his Nurse Practitioner and his Master of Nursing at Ryerson University. He has diverse experience in primary health care, pediatrics, and sexual Health. 

He also has academic experience as a contracted lecturer and instructor for several Canadian universities for their Nurse Practitioner programs. Matthew has a passion for providing inclusive care for individuals in LGBTQ2IA+ Community. He is highly motivated to create a safe environment for each and every patient that holds space for their unique lived experience. He looks forward to helping you at your next appointment. You can see Matthew in person at our Toronto location or virtually from anywhere in Ontario.


Paul Jeffrey

Nurse Practitioner

Paul holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Missouri, and a Master in Nursing from the University of Toronto with a specialty as an Acute Care Adult Nurse Practitioner. He has provided PrEP care to hundreds of patients. 

He currently works as a full-time professor at a school of nursing, and as an air medical practitioner. His clinical background is extremely diverse, having worked in both the Emergency and Primary Care settings in Canada, Uganda, and Australia.

Paul is a vital member of our team and frequently makes himself available beyond our appointment schedule to make sure people have access to the care they need. He is proud to be providing PrEP and testing services to people in smaller towns in Ontario who have been ignored for too long.

Nancy Vandenbergh

Nurse Practitioner

Nancy completed her Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Masters degree at Athabasca University and her nursing degree at the University of Toronto.  She has speciality in paediatrics, critical care as well as primary care and community health.
Nancy has significant experience working with marginalized populations locally, in rural Ontario as well as overseas.  She is passionate about education and mentoring and teaches Nurse Practitioner students in a graduate program as well as working in a large Toronto based hospital with Infectious Diseases and responding to the COVID pandemic.  

Nancy volunteers at a refugee care centre as well as being a Board of Director for a volunteer nursing organization aiming to provide health care to the rural people of Kenya.

Randall Gutierrez

RSW, LLM, Counsellor

Randall is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and completed his Masters in Social Work at California State University. He has an LL.M from Osgoode Hall as well as more than 16 years of experience as a counsellor, case manager, and advocate. Randall provides services in English and Spanish.

His focus includes newcomers to Canada, People of Colour, the LGBTQ2S community, individuals with disabilities, and people living with HIV.

Randall is interested in different counseling options has additional training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) as well as Hakomi and EMDR.

Randall incorporates empowerment, sex-positivity, and strength-perspective interventions into his counselling. He is proud to be part of a service that is breaking down barriers to access and addressing more than medication including sexual health and mental wellness.

Our clinic fully sponsors counseling services and there are no fees for your phone or video session. Randall has already helped many patient’s using our service. Learn more about this service here!

Clinic Assistants Team

Mustafa Ziber

Clinic Assistant

Mustafa holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is currently studying electronics at La Cité Collégiale. He has been a volunteer with the AIDS Committe of Ottawa for over a year and is now the African- Caribbean Black Health Zone Coordinator with them. You can see Mustafa providing support to patients at our Monday evening sexual health clinic at our in-person Ottawa location. He is fluent in French and Arabic. 

Jordan Mayol

Clinic Assistant

Jordan is currently working towards a degree in biochemistry at McMaster University. He has experience volunteering in hospitals and other clinical settings in Ontario. He is excited to be part of a clinic that welcomes diversity and combats sexual-health related stigma. You can see Jordan providing support to patients at our in-person clinic in Toronto. Outside of the clinic, Jordan enjoys cycling, yoga, and learning about science.

Timothy Ng

Clinic Assistant

Timothy is a pre-nursing student who’s passionate about preventive health and HIV prevention. He is thrilled to be part of the team because he sees the positive impacts the Ontario Prevention Clinic is making in the LQBTQ+ community across the province. He is proud to help support the care of so many in accessing sexual health care and HIV prevention. You will see Timothy during our walk-in Toronto clinic hours.

Evan Spergel

Clinic Assistant

Evan’s background is in the arts and he’s so excited to branch out into the clinic world too. He believes everyone should have a comfortable and safe space to access sexual health care. Evan also believes PrEP access is crucial and is proud to be part of the original ground-breaking province-wide service. You will see Evan at our Toronto site supporting our in-person clinic appointments.

Đạt Nguyễn Minh

Clinic Assistant

Dat is currently a nursing student and has a passion for supporting community health and wellness. He loves being part of a team that has broken down barriers to so many across Ontario, including providing free testing services to newcomers. He believes our PrEPSaver program is crucial and has helped many to better afford their medication – including students. You will see Dat during our Toronto location walk-in clinics. 

Lab Testing Team


Registered Nurse

Kayla completed her degree at the University of Ottawa.  Since graduating, she has specialized in mental health, community health, primary care, and harm reduction. Kayla is passionate about making health care accessible to marginalized groups, quality improvement in health care, health equity, and community practice. 
Outside of work, she spends her time baking, throwing kettlebells at the gym, and participating in dance classes.


Registered Nurse

Marie is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and has spent their nursing career working in community health, primary care, and harm reduction. Marie has focused on Ottawa’s inner-city population.
Prior to nursing, Marie provided social support to people living with mental illness and substance use at a community health center. Their passion for mental health and wellness has followed them in their nursing career. 
Outside of work, Marie can be found at the gym and hanging out with their dog Markus.  


Registered Nurse

Hannah completed her Bachelor of Nursing Degree at the University of New Brunswick and Humber College. She has experience working throughout the GTA as a registered nurse and has a passion for public health and community healthcare. She truly believes in the importance of prevention and having access to care, so that everyone in the community be can be as healthy as possible. She is fluent in English and French. 

Stevie and Claudine

We are pleased to have Stevie and Claudine on our Lab Testing Team as well and will update this page with their photos and bios shortly.

Pharmacy Team

Here for you 7 days a week until midnight.

Andrew Joaquin
aka Pharmacist Joaquin • He/Him

RPh, Pharmacist

Joaquin is a clinical pharmacist and completed his pharmacy education at the University of British Columbia. For the past decade he has worked as a clinical hospital pharmacist with a focus on infectious disease, pediatrics, and gay men’s health.

He is passionate about improving access to care and understands the unique challenges that people of different backgrounds may face in the medical system. Joaquin is proud to be part of a team that was the first to expand targeting PrEP to a wider audience while making it more readily available in underserviced communities.

Joaquin’s actual first name is Andrew, but as the third Andrew (no more please!) he goes by his last name – Joaquin.

Pamela Ip
aka Pharmacist Pam • She/Her

RPh, Pharmacist

Pamela is a hospital pharmacist and completed her education at McGill University and The University of Toronto (PharmD). Pam has a special interest in LGBTQ+ health and was previously the co-chair of PharmaPride at the University of Toronto.

Since graduating she continues to present regularly on LGBTQ+ health topics to educate other healthcare professionals on providing more inclusive care.

She was very excited to join The PrEP Clinic after learning about Pharmacist Drew’s work in HIV care when she was a student.  While HIV can affect people outside of the LGBTQ+ community, she feels there has been an unmet need for care for this population regionally and is proud to be filling in this gap in healthcare.

Pamela’s recent interests are learning more about skincare and hoarding house plants (you can never have too many!)

Kelvin Yam

RPh, Pharmacist

Kelvin is a pharmacist and completed his studies at the University of Waterloo (PharmD). He has provided care in a variety of settings and has a special interest in men’s sexual health. 

Kelvin understands the challenges in finding queer competent care. He is proud to be part of a clinic that is breaking down these barriers while making positive changes in the community. 

Riya Joshi

RPhT, Patient Care Specialist

Riya is a registered pharmacy technician and graduate of Georgian College. She has extensive experience in harm reduction and sexual health. Previously she worked with Pharmacist Drew in Barrie in the region’s only Safer Space and LGBTQ+ inclusive pharmacy. She is fluent in Hindi and Gujarati.

With 1 in 4 women living with HIV she believes too often women are left out of the conversation. Riya is passionate about spreading the message on PrEP for Women and to Love Positive Women.

Before relocating to Canada, Riya was alarmed to see sexual and gender minorities in her home country facing significant discrimination. She wants to make sure everyone, especially newcomers who may have previously faced persecution, know they are welcome and have an ally in Riya.

Monique Aaron

Patient Care Specialist

Monique is an experienced pharmacy assistant and is currently studying at Ryerson University. She is passionate about improving access to care for people who have often been overlooked in our health care system. She supports our in-person clinics, patient care, and manages our naloxone-condom shipping program.  

Laurie Lam

Patient Care Specialist

Laurie is a fourth-year pharmacy student at the University of Toronto. She has a special interest in sexual health and harm reduction, particularly opioid overdose prevention. She supports patient care, manages the naloxone-condom shipping program, and offers naloxone counseling to all interested individuals.

Jessica Chaplin


Jessica has been a Pharmacy Assistant for several years and completed her training at Trios College. With her previous experience she had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of patients from all backgrounds. 

She is excited to be part of a healthcare initiative that is truly making a difference in so many people’s lives. Jessica believes everyone should have access to whatever care they need and being able to support people on that journey gives her a great sense of fulfillment. When she isn’t supporting patient care, Jessica loves to work on sewing projects (sewing buddies anyone?) and exploring new types of music. 

Kuldeep - Staff Photo

Kuldeep Rahevar

Patient Care Specialist

We are excited to welcome Kuldeep as one of our new team members. We will update his bio once he gets settled in.

Achilles the Dog (The PrEP Clinic / Ontario Prevention Clinic)


VP of Cuteness & Patient Comfort

Achilles may only be just a young pup, but he has taken the world by storm. Achilles has helped many patients feel more at ease during lab work and vaccinations. His pet peeve is people asking if someone is “clean” to determine their HIV status.

Visitors to our Toronto location can see him during our Walk-in Sexual Health and PrEP Clinic as well as during our walk-in pharmacy hours. 

Pharmacist Drew is his dog dad and claims he’s a very good boy. When Achilles isn’t providing patient comfort, he enjoys belly rubs, likes to play hide-and-go-seek, and go jogging.